Continuing development

Continued Professional/Personal Development (CPD)

As a TMW Teacher, your learning is ongoing – there is always more! To deepen your understanding and embodiment of TMW, we offer a programme of courses throughout the year.

These courses are included in your Professional Membership Fee:

  • One-to-one feedback on the quality of your TMW sequence
  • Deepening your meditation practice
  • Technical explorations of your physical practice
  • Nourishing yourself as a TMW Teacher

Advanced Qualifications

You may also decide you would like to build on the Foundation Training and enroll on an Advanced TMW Training:

  • 16-Move Sequence Training: Additional four movements and further training in ‘natural movement’.
  • Advanced Options Training: A set of 25 or more new movements to offer you and your students more flexibility, strength, balance, alignment, and connection.
...There is always more!