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  • What is TMW?

    Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) is a sequence of movements specifically designed to promote physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. TMW is a distillation of Tai Chi and Chi Kung but, unlike these complex arts, it is easy to learn as it has no difficult techniques or long complex sequences.

  • What does TMW mean?

    Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing – movements and practices that renew, rejuvenate and aid rehabilitation.

  • Where does TMW come from?

    From the vision, skill and decades of experience gained by Richard Farmer (Tai Chi Master) and Dr David Quinn (Consultant Clinical and Neuro-Psychologist). TMW was funded and devised for the NHS, and has subsequently been delivered by TMW Teachers in private, public and community settings.

  • Do I need to have done Tai Chi before?

    No, no experience of Tai Chi is needed at all.

  • Who can do TMW?

    Anyone can do TMW with any level of stamina and mobility! It is designed to be safe and adaptable to fit the needs of any physical health issue. It can be done standing, seated or even simply visualising.

  • Can I benefit if I have a serious health issue?

    Yes, the movements of the TMW sequence can be adapted to meet the needs of any individual, regardless of mobility, energy levels or physical compromise. You can be seated and move your body in a way that is relaxed and not forcing. It is not about getting something right and looking like your teacher. All movement is good, even small movements with long breaks. Then you can experience the joy of being as you are and looking after yourself.

    If you have doubts – please seek the advice of your GP.

  • Where can I learn TMW?

    Find your nearest TMW Teacher HERE.

    No one in your area? Why not come and train with us to teach TMW yourself?

  • Can I train to teach TMW?

    Yes – we run an annual TMW Teacher training for anyone who has a wish to share this work in any setting. You do not need to have Tai Chi or teaching experience to train.

  • Is TMW evidenced based?

    TMW was funded by and piloted in the NHS, having proven the potential value of its benefits and the safety of its delivery. The Teacher Training programme was also piloted in the NHS. Following this successful beginning we have continued to evaluate and monitor the benefits of TMW. (See Evidence and TMW in Action)

  • Who runs TMW?

    TMW Training Ltd is a small team of people who deliver training, look after the community of over 100 TMW Teachers and steer the organisation to bring this important work to the world. See The Team.

  • Can TMW be taught at my workplace?

    Yes, and many employees have benefitted from either a one-off workshop or a weekly workplace class. We can also train staff to teach TMW to your employees, patients, carers or any other group of people. Staff can enrol on our annual TMW Teacher Training or a staff team can be given a tailored training. Contact for more details.

  • Do I need Tai Chi or teaching experience?

    No, anyone can train to be a TMW Teacher. You need to have the physical stamina to move for up to one hour of standing gentle movement, although you can qualify as a Seated TMW Teacher if that is what you’d like to offer.

  • Is the training accredited?

    Yes. The TMW Teacher Foundation Certificate – a professional qualification – is accredited with PD Approval and the Sports Therapy Association and recognised in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors.

  • Do I have to do all four modules of the TMW training?

    Yes. Each module builds on the last and is the minimum input time for you to gain all you need to qualify.

  • Where does the training take place?

    Millennium Hall, Upton Bishop, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 7UB

  • Where can I stay whilst I do the training?

    There are plenty of B&Bs around the area and a Premier Inn a 5-minute drive away.

  • Can I get to you by public transport?

    Yes, both Ledbury and Hereford stations are just over 10 miles away. With a taxi to your B&B we are always able to organise a collection and return to your B&B on Training days.

  • Can I pay in instalments?

    Yes. We require a deposit of £645 to secure your place – you can then agree a payment plan with the TMW Office to cover the further payment of £600.

  • What happens if I have to cancel the training?

    If you are unable to attend for any reason, the following will apply:

    • Cancellation giving over 60 days’ notice from the start date will receive a refund or, if you prefer, be transferred to another course less a £75 cancellation fee.
    • Cancellation within 30-60 days of the start date will be liable to cover 50% of the full course fee unless your place can be filled, in which case a cancellation charge of £75 applies.
    • Cancellation within 14-30 days of the start date will be liable to cover 75% of the full course fee unless your place can be filled, in which case a cancellation charge of £75 applies.
    • Cancellation up to 14 days of the start date will be liable to cover the full course fee unless your place can be filled, in which case a cancellation charge of £75 applies.
    • Non-attendees on the day of the course, or who have to withdraw from the course, will be liable to cover the full course fee.
  • What happens if I am ill or have to miss a module during the training?

    If you miss a module due to illness, we will offer a pathway to qualification, which may incur an additional charge.

  • What happens if the training or part of the training is cancelled?

    If TMW Training cancels a course, the fees will be refunded or, if you prefer, transferred to a new date with no penalties.  Cancellation may be automatic if there are fewer than 12 bookings on a course.

  • Do I need insurance to train?

    No, as a TMW Trainee, you are covered during your Teaching Practices under our insurance policy. Once you are trained you will need to have your own insurance.

  • How many students will there be?

    We have a minimum of 12 students and a maximum of 24.

  • What happens if I don’t qualify?

    Nobody has yet ‘failed’ this Training as we have always been able to offer a pathway to qualification that meets your specific needs for further input and/or further experience. This may incur an additional charge.

  • I only want to share TMW with friends and family – is that OK?

    Yes. Becoming a TMW Teacher is a very personal thing and there are no expectations on how, where or with whom you share TMW. Some teachers have a couple of friends in their kitchen, some use it to support ageing family members. What a wonderful gift to be able to share with your nearest and dearest.

  • Can I teach in my workplace?

    Yes. TMW is ideal for both patients and clients, and also to support the wellbeing of staff. You will learn how to deliver TMW to fit the time that is available, so you can offer taster sessions and TMW mini-breaks, as well as longer workshops and team building events.

  • Can I teach online?

    Although it’s good to get face-to-face experience first, working online has proved to be popular and effective.

  • Who are we?

    TMW Training Ltd is a small team who are passionate about empowering people to enjoy caring for their mind, body and emotional states, so as to lead the healthiest live they can. We do this by training people to bring TMW to their friends, families, communities, patients and people in their organisation. Plus, we look after the community of over 100 TMW Teachers and steer the organisation to bring this important work to the world.

  • What do we hope to achieve through TMW?

    Everyone at some point in their life will have a time of struggle. And more and more of us are experiencing long-term health issues which drain our quality of life. Whether that is a physical, mental and/or emotional challenge – TMW can help to deal with the strain, fear and pain that may arise and change how you respond to the adversity. 

    Our wish, through TMW’s simple meditation in movement sequence, is to show people that they are more than their illness or dis-ease, and they can experience themselves as relaxed, strong and confident in the world again.

  • How long has TMW been going?

    TMW was developed and piloted in the NHS in 2009. We have built on that success by continually evaluating and updating our delivery, so that we can be assured of the quality of our teachers and their TMW delivery.

  • Where is TMW Training based?

    Our office is in South Herefordshire, but our teachers are all around the UK and in France and Norway.

  • Who are the founders of TMW Training?

    Our founders:

    Richard Farmer
    Richard has studied with some of the leading teachers and masters of Tai Chi, meditation and healing in the world. He’s founder of the nationwide Rising Dragon Tai Chi School (RDTC) and has both taught and practised his craft for 45 years. For services to Tai Chi in the UK, Richard was made Honorary President of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

    As a respected expert, Richard has written numerous articles on Tai Chi Chuan and has contributed to TV and radio documentaries and interviews, including BBC1, ITV and BBC Radio Wales. He has also taught courses and seminars in France, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Slovenia and the USA. (See more about Richard in the Team page.)

    Dr David Quinn 
    Dr David Quinn worked as Joint Head of Profession and Head of the Department of Health Psychology with the National Health Service in Herefordshire. He’s also the founder of Halliday-Quinn Limited.

    A qualified Clinical Psychologist, David achieved his Masters Degree at the University of Birmingham in 1985 and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2002. He’s also a British Psychological Society National Assessor in Neuropsychology; an HPC Chartered Clinical and Health Psychologist; and a Senior Foundation Member on the BPS Register of Psychotherapy.

    Marigold Farmer 
    Marigold originally trained as a Primary School Teacher and Administrator, and in her early 30s, changed direction to become a Teacher of the Alexander Technique.  She subsequently developed a body-based approach to Stress Management which she offered extensively to those in the caring professions. (See more about Marigold in the Team page.)

  • How can I join a TMW class?

    Go to ‘Find a Teacher’ to see if there are classes in your area.

    No one in your area? Why not come and train with us to teach TMW yourself?

  • How fit do I need to be?

    Anyone can do TMW with any level of stamina and mobility! It is designed to be safe and adaptable to fit the needs of any physical health issue. Just let your TMW Teacher know what is happening for you. 

    You can do TMW seated, or sometimes sitting and sometimes standing. If you have a depleted energy system, you can sit and visualise the movements in your body – this can be hugely beneficial for your state of mind and for stimulating flow in your body.

  • What should I wear to a class?

    Loose clothing so that you can move easily. Layers are good so that you can adjust your temperature. Very flat shoes (or bare feet if you prefer).

  • What types of TMW classes are there?

    Depending on the specific teacher, the TMW class will either be a ‘drop-in’ class or a TMW course, delivered over a number of weeks:

    Drop-in TMW classes
    Best way to learn TMW if your life is irregular and weekly commitment is difficult

    • Start at any time
    • Pay-as-you-go
    • Same sequence of movements each time
    • Different focuses each week to deepen your understanding over time
    • Can be done seated, or sit and stand at different times during the session.

    TMW beginners course
    Best way to learn TMW if you can commit to the weekly sessions for the whole course

    • You will sign-up for the whole course (usually around 6 weeks long)
    • Each week will be different, building on what you have learnt the week before
    • The sequence of physical movements is broken up into sections, so you have time to learn how the underlying Principles will help bring the greatest benefit
    • Can be done seated, or sit and stand at different times during the session .

    TMW can also be learnt one-to-one. Contact your nearest TMW teacher, or an online teacher to find out more.

  • What happens in a TMW class?

    Usually, a class will be an hour long. Depending on whether you are going to a drop-in class or are on a TMW course, the content will vary – but will include similar experiences and focuses, such as:

    • Time to settle and arrive into your body
    • Centering and grounding – letting go of your thoughts
    • Introduction or review of TMW movements and their benefits
    • Explanations of how to adapt the movements so everyone can do them
    • Moving all together through the TMW Sequence, meditation in movement
    • Principles that can be explored in the TMW Sequence and in your own life, such as, ‘how to stay relaxed when the going gets tough?’
    • Returning to yourself – being at the centre of your world
    • Reflections, advice on home practice.
  • What do TMW classes cost?

    The overheads for every TMW Teacher are different and therefore each one will set their own price per class.

    Some teachers like you to buy a block of classes.

    If you are enrolling on a TMW course, you would usually pay the full amount up front.

  • What if I want to practise at home?

    The most effective way to gain the benefits TMW can offer is to practise regularly.

    All students will be encouraged to purchase a video as a practice aid (either seated or standing). We offer the video as a DVD or as an MP4 download.

  • Should I consult my doctor before starting TMW?

    TMW is taught by professional teachers in a very safe way. However, you may consider it necessary to get your GP’s agreement before you begin your class if you have recently undergone surgery and/or have any medical history of heart disease, thrombosis, epilepsy, diabetes or any other condition which requires guidance from a health professional.

  • Are all TMW teachers qualified and insured?

    Yes. All TMW teachers have: 

    • Professional and Public Liability Insurance.
    • Professional TMW qualification recognised by the Sports Therapy Association and PD Approval. 
    • Membership with the Association of Professional TMW Teachers, which requires an annual re-certification of their teaching qualification.