TMW in organisations

TMW is proven and evidence-backed and therefore safe for a wide cross-section of organisations to incorporate as part of their health and wellbeing programmes. As an example, TMW has been delivered to patients, users, carers and staff of the following:

  • National Exercise Referral Scheme (Wales)
  • Royal Berkshire Hospital – Long Covid Integrated Service (BLIS)
  • Longfield Community Hospice – patients and carers
  • Brain Injury Day Treatment Programme – Hereford and Bristol, patients and carers
  • St Monica’s Trust – Bristol
  • Age UK across the country
  • St Michaels Hospice – Hereford
  • British Lung Foundation – training for health programme leaders
  • Priory Hospital, Glasgow
  • UK doctors surgeries for COPD and Cardiac Rehab
  • U3A across the country
  • Royal Gwent Hospital – training for physiotherapists
  • Parkinson’s UK – Hereford
  • MS Society – Hereford
  • Diabetes UK – Bristol
  • Glasgow Association of Mental Health
  • Maggie’s Centre – Glasgow
  • Bristol Cancer Help Centre, both for staff and patients
  • Breast Cancer Haven – London and Hereford
  • GDA (Glasgow Disability Alliance)
  • Health Creation – Bath
  • Brunelcare – Bristol staff
  • Knowle West Healthy Living Centre, Mental Health and Rehabilitation Services
  • Alzheimer’s Scotland
Proven, evidence-backed and safe for a wide cross-section of organisations