Why train to teach TMW?

Why become a TMW teacher?

  • To have a nourishing, worthwhile and extremely rewarding additional skill or occupation.
  • Offer your family, friends, colleagues or people in your community a unique and much needed gift to support their health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.
  • Graduate with the TMW Teacher Foundation Certificate  – a professional qualification accredited with PD Approval and the Sports Therapy Association and recognised in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors.
  • Become a member of the Association of Professional TMW Teachers, a national organisation with an opportunity to learn from the experience of over a hundred TMW Teachers.
  • Access to the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme offering additional professional qualifications and training opportunities to further your skills and understanding of TMW.
  • Gain a personal toolkit to nourish and benefit yourself whist working in a way that exactly suits your lifestyle!
  • Develop the skills to adapt the TMW programme to any setting, health condition or age range, offering it as a standing or seated sequence. You can take TMW anywhere!
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To have a nourishing, worthwhile and extremely rewarding additional skill or occupation

...you can take TMW anywhere!

An accredited teacher training

What do TMW Teachers offer?

As a qualified TMW Teacher you can offer TMW to individuals or groups, as a standing or seated class to help:

  • Relax, slow down and have some ‘me time’
  • Improve balance, flexibility, co-ordination and strength
  • Release from patterns of anxiety and/or depression
  • Learn be more mindful and live fully in each moment
  • Connect more fully with your energy and a feeling of aliveness
  • Become more resilient to stress
  • Feel more centred and confident in all aspects of life

TMW can be offered as:

  • 6-week (or longer) courses, building the sequence each week
  • Drop-in groups – giving flexibility to your participants
  • One-to-one, maybe as part of a therapeutic process or because of particular needs
  • Standing, seated or mixed classes
  • Ongoing ‘Deepening’ courses for those who want to continue their TMW journey
  • One-off workshops for organisations
  • Taster classes

A training for your organisation

Join the many organisations that have invested in training members of staff to teach TMW.

With this professional, accredited qualification your TMW Teacher can offer TMW in a wide range of ways:

  • Patients and clients as a regular drop-in class or an in-depth course
  • Staff members as a mini-break or longer wellbeing sessions
  • One-to-one sessions for people in crisis
  • Online or face-to-face work 
  • Seated or standing groups 
  • Adapted TMW sequences for specific health needs

If you have more than 8 members of staff to train, a tailor-made package can be developed. Contact tmw@tmwtraining.com for more details.

Quotes from TMW teachers

“An elderly lady who started with me last September has COPD and was told that the condition would never improve. She went for a check up last week and said the nurse who did it said her condition had improved by 15% and was totally confounded as to how this could happen!”

L. Edwards - TMW Teacher, Malvern

“I have been working with a 76 year-old lovely lady for 16 weeks. She walks with 2 sticks and has a left AFO (ankle foot orthosis or brace). On Monday I introduced her to Tai Chi Walking – she walked unaided for the first time since 1979! She had been wheelchair bound for 6 years.”

E. Scale - NERS

“It makes me so happy when the TMW sessions help [the participants] live a better life. And it motivates and inspires me to better myself and continuously learn. Thank you for training us to become encouraging teachers.”

S. Bhudia - TMW Teacher, London