Three Easy Calm Downs

From when you wake up to the end of the day – use these simple techniques and prompts to help release the stress and strain of life.

Start the day with whole a body massage

Why? Firstly, you’re focussing your mind on your body, rather than on any negative thoughts or anxiety about what the day may or may not bring. And, it’s a great way to get all the circulatory systems flowing, helping you to feel good about yourself with a more energised start to your day.

How? Using your fingertips and a loose wrist, start gently tapping your scalp and face, covering the whole area and fully focussing on the feel of the massage. When you’ve finished just spend a moment noticing how your face and head feel. Switching to using an open palm or soft fist, continue to tap your neck, arms chest, abdomen and back, stopping to notice after you complete each body part. With knees off locked and only travelling down as far is easy for you – massage your legs and feet. How does your body feel now?

Breathing With the Kettle

Why? The kettle acts as a reminder to be in the present moment and bring your mind’s focus onto one thing – your breath. This is restful for a busy mind – you are experiencing something that is always in flow, helping your mind to release tension.

How? As soon as you switch on the kettle – feel your feet on the ground and bring your full attention to your next in-breath. Follow it in, feel it change and follow the out-breath until it changes back to an in-breath. Follow it again. Don’t try to control your breath – just let it be as it is. Focus gently on the rhythm – feeling the in-breath changing to the out-breath and vice versa. Then make a cuppa and enjoy the moment!

Root like a tree

Why? Stress and tension pulls us upwards – making us feel less stable and more vulnerable. By using an intention to put ‘roots’ down into the ground – our weight and energy moves down through the body, helping a frenetic mind to follow into this experience of being more grounded and rooted.

How? Either standing or seated, bring your mind’s attention to your feet and feel the contact they are making (even through your shoes or socks), and see if any tension can be released. Imagine a line, a root, growing from the sole of your foot down through the floor into the earth. Follow it down as far as it wants to go and just stay there for a moment, breathing gently. Feel your body resting on the support of your root and invite yourself to relax into it.

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